Meeting Synopsis: March 22, 2016



Theme: n/a


Best Speaker: Kraig Kalisch

Best Table Topics: Margaret Carson

Best Evaluator: Lisa DesRosiers

Role substitutions: Linda Murphy for Jolene McGee as Ah Counter/Vote Counter; Adena Sabins for Aaron Theuringer for Topicsmaster

Guest(s): None

Word of the Day: Circumspect


wary and unwilling to take risks.
“the officials were very circumspect in their statements”
cautious, wary, careful, chary, guarded, on one’s guard; watchful, alert, attentive, heedful, vigilant, leery; informalcagey, playing one’s cards close to one’s chest
“she would have to be circumspect in her dealings with Catherine”

Agenda See Role Substitutions for changes after agenda was set.

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