Meeting Synopsis: Feb. 16, 2016



Theme: Leadership


Best Speaker: Kraig Kalisch

Best Table Topics: TIE: Danielle Chambers, Margaret Carson, Lisa DesRosiers

Best Evaluator: Kathy Hansen

Role substitutions: None

Guest(s): Lou Theuringer, Jerene Miller

Word of the Day:


1. a large or excessive amount of (something).
“a plethora of committees and subcommittees”
Synonyms: excess, overabundance, superabundance, surplus, glut, superfluity, surfeit, profusion; too many, too much, enough and to spare; informalmore —— than one can shake a stick at
“a plethora of opinion polls”
antonyms: dearth

an excess of a bodily fluid, particularly blood.


Agenda: See Role Substitutions for changes after agenda was set.

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