Meeting Synopsis: Feb. 9, 2016


Theme: None


Best Speaker: TIE: Adena Sabins and Laura Hepler

Best Table Topics: Guest: Bonnie Anderson

Best Evaluator: Rick Henderson

Role substitutions: None

Guest(s): Lou Theuringer, Jerene Miller, Bonnie Anderson, Jolene McGee, Lowell Carson

Word of the Day:

giving or indicating a good chance of success; favorable.
“the timing for such a meeting seemed propitious”
Synonyms: favorable, auspicious, promising, providential, advantageous, optimistic, bright, rosy, heaven-sent, hopeful; opportune, timely
“the timing for such a meeting seemed propitious”
Antonyms: inauspicious, unfortunate

favorably disposed toward someone.
“there were points on which they did not agree, moments in which she did not seem propitious”

Agenda: See Role Substitutions for changes after agenda was set.

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