Meeting Synopsis: Jan. 28, 2014: Art of Effective Evaluation, Week 2

The heart of Part II of The Art of Effective Evaluation was a series of prepared speeches, followed by evaluations:251CD_ArtEffecEval.pps

Evaluation Workshop: Prepared Manual Speeches

Toastmaster Laura Hepler

Speaker #1 Laura Huddleston
CC #3: Get to the Point
“Animal Mentors”

Speaker #2 Katharine Hansen
CC #2: Organize Your Speech:
“The Power of Storytelling in Job Search and Career”

Speaker #3 Joe Greco
AC Speaking to Inform #1: The Speech to Inform
“Wokky Talky”

Evaluation Workshop: Evaluations

Evaluator # 1 Judy Cressey
Evaluating Laura Huddleston’s Speech

Evaluator # 2 Larry Cressey
Evaluating Katharine Hansen’s Speech

Evaluator # 3 Kyle Chambers
Evaluating Joe Greco’s Speech

Guests: Regulars Cyrus Murphy and Suzanne Chambers, as well as Steve McGee from Chewelah.


Thank you Jan Greco for presenting this informative workshop!

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