Meeting Synopsis: Jan. 14, 2014



Best Speaker: Kathy Hansen

Best Table Topics: Judy Cressey

Best Evaluator: Linda Evans


Role substitutions: Michelle Lancaster in place of Laura Huddleston as evaluator because of manual mixup. Jan Greco substituted for Joe Greco as Wordmaster/Grammarian.





Word of the Day: Vicarious

1. Felt or undergone as if one were taking part in the experience or WordoftheDayfeelings of another: read about mountain climbing and experienced vicarious thrills.
2. Endured or done by one person substituting for another: vicarious punishment.
a. Acting or serving in place of someone or something else; substituted.
b. Committed or entrusted to another, as powers or authority; delegated.
4. Physiology Occurring in or performed by a part of the body not normally associated with a certain function.




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