Meeting Synopsis: Jan. 7, 2014

First meeting of the calendar year.2014Resolutions

Meeting theme: New Year’s Resolutions


Best Speaker: Laura Huddleston

BestBest Table Topics: Kyle Chambers

Best Evaluator: Judy Cressey


Word of the Day: Quit. Many meanings. Among those used (from the Free Dictionary):

1. To depart from; leave: “You and I are on the point of quitting the theater of our exploits” (Horatio Nelson).
2. To leave the company of: had to quit the gathering in order to be home by midnight.
3. To give up; relinquish: quit a job.
4. To abandon or put aside; forsake: advised them to quit their dissipated ways.
5. To cease or discontinue: asked them to quit talking; quit smoking.
6. Computer Science To exit (an application).
a. To rid oneself of by paying: quit a debt.
b. To release from a burden or responsibility.
8. To conduct (oneself) in a specified way: Quit yourselves like adults.
1. To cease performing an action.
2. To give up, as in defeat; stop.
3. To leave a job.
Absolved of a duty or an obligation; free.

Role substitutions: None.




One Response to Meeting Synopsis: Jan. 7, 2014

  • adminCTMB says:

    I accidentally deleted the authorship, but below is Laura Hepler’s comment:

    It was a spectacular (albeit chilly) meeting. All three of our speakers provided informative and entertaining speeches, from Lauralie’s sled dog analogy through Larry’s Jesse James experience and Jan’s vision of eager, energizing evaluations. I am so excited about 2014 in Colville Toastmasters.

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