Monthly Archives: September 2015

5th Anniversary Celebration/Awards Ceremony/Picnic in the Park: Sept. 8, 2015



Meeting Synopsis: Sept. 1, 2015


Theme: n/aBests:

Best Speaker: Danielle Chambers

Best Table Topics:

Best Evaluator:

Role substitutions: Adena Sabins for Jason Hart as evaluator; Trace Brookover for Lisa DesRosiers as evaluator; Kyle Chambers for Jay Lancaster as evaluator.

Guest(s): Gary Sheehan

Word of the Day:

verb: 3rd person present: acquiesces; past tense: acquiesced; past participle: acquiesced; gerund or present participle: acquiescing
accept something reluctantly but without protest.
“Sara acquiesced in his decision”

Meeting Synopsis: September 1, 2015



Theme: Fall is in the air


Best Speaker: TIE: Adena Sabins and Linda Murphy

Best Table Topics: Kathy Hansen

Best Evaluator: Kathy Hansen (default)

Role substitutions: Rick Henderson for Daisy as Table Topics Master

Guest(s): None

Word of the Day:

Abcise(could not find English definition, only French)