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Second-Annual Awards Ceremony! (Meeting Synopsis, June 24, 2014)


Colville Toastmasters’s Second Annual Awards Ceremony featured creative, whimsical awards largely designed by Laura Huddleston, who was also chair of the event and co-Toastmaster with Linda Murphy. Laura Hepler also served on the committee, and Lisa DesRosiers was refreshments coordinator.

Awards were as follows (includes scripted commentary):

Roberta Carney: Buried Treasure Master – We know there is treasure within her; she lets us see it a bit at a time.

Kyle Chambers: Music Master – Among us, he will surely use his talents musically.

Judy Cressey: Master of Parliament – She always ensures fairness through following the rules.

Larry Cressey: Tie Master – He is a very snappy dresser, and his ties are perfectly “knotty.”

Lisa DesRosiers: Contest Queen – If there is a club contest, she will be in it and will dominate with her sparkle.

Don Elliot: Master of Bull – If he sees red, he charges through anyway.

Andrew Engell: Master Gardener – He is cool as a cucumber; nothing bugs him, and he knows green living.

Dave Engell: Master Digger – If you get in too deep, Dave will get you tanked.

Linda Evans: Master Storyteller – She could talk about paint drying, and you’d want to hear more. So warm and spunky.

Jan Greco: Master Evaluator – She can make your stinker sound sweet; yet, she’ll tell you how to improve.

Joe Greco: Master Chef – He can make a guts and grease and pasta casserole taste oh-so-fine.

Kathy Hansen: Toastmaster Meister – There are few who are great in the role, she she is a “master” in Toastmasters, et al

Randall Hansen: Master Facilitator – “Facilitation” is more than comfort and connection; it’s bonding a group together.

Jason Hart: Gesture (with a hard G) Master – He plays fair, shoots straight, takes our teasing, while we educate him.

Rick Henderson: Pledge Master – He leads our Pledge of Allegiance, with all due respect to our flag.

Laura Hepler: Master Teacher – She is like the glue that hold our club together. Sweet and inspiring.

Laura Huddleston: Master of Bouncing – She can’t speak without some giggles and bouncing that will boost your mood and day.

Michelle Lancaster: Master Fermenter – She can make clotting milk taste good, and stinky curds? No whey!

Steve McGee: Most Enthusiastic – When he speaks, everyone listens and is awed by his speaking prowess.

Linda Murphy: Pun Master – She loves to twist words into a new concoction for all to drink in.

Connie Richart: Most Determined – She’s no slacker; she will step up and leave her comfort zone to amaze and impress.

Darla Swander: Distance Master – She proves she will go miles out of her way to improve her speaking skills.

Danielle Chambers: Master Entertainer – She brings the whole show to every speech. A ringmaster of speech presentation.

Suzanne Chambers and Cyrus Murphy: Peanut Gallery.


Meeting Synopsis: June 17, 2014


Larry inherited Randall Hansen’s novelty-tie collection in celebration of earning his CC.

Theme: (unofficial) Larry Cressey earns his Competent Communicator award!

Bests (only Best Evaluator was not a default because of time DQs):

Best Speaker: Kathy Hansen
Best Table Topics: Kyle Chambers
Best Evaluator: Andrew Engell


Role substitutions: Jason Hart was Wordmaster/Grammarian in place of Jan Greco.

Guests: Cyrus Murphy, Suzanne Chambers, Rick’s friend Nonni from Tonasket, and Leah Endquist

Word of the Day:


transform into something more beautiful or elevated.
“the world is made luminous and is transfigured”
Synonyms: transform, transmute, change, alter, metamorphose; transmogrify
“the glow of the sunrise transfigured the whole landscape”

10 out of 10: We Did It Again!


Meeting Synopsis: June 10, 2014

Theme: (unofficial) Last meeting (for a year) for Linda Evans! Lisa DesRosiers’s triumphant return to speaking.


Best Speaker: Tie: Andrew Engell and Lisa DesRosiers
Best Table Topics: Linda Murphy
Best Evaluator: Linda Evans


Role substitutions: None.

Guests: Cyrus Murphy, Suzanne Chambers, Jay Lancaster and his guests Denny and Dolores, as well as Andrew Engell’s wife, Celeste.

Word of the Day:


characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.


Farewell Gathering for Linda Evans

Download flier: FarewellLindaFlier


Meeting Synopsis: June 3, 2014

The meeting was a night for visual aids, as Michelle Lancaster, left, showed techniques for working with wool, and Larry Cressey showed the paintings at right, which hung in his grandparents' house and influenced him as a child.

The meeting was a night for visual aids, as Michelle Lancaster, left, showed techniques for working with wool, and Larry Cressey showed the paintings at right, which hung in his grandparents’ house and influenced him as a child.

Theme: (unofficial) Visual Aids as both Larry Cressey and Michelle Lancaster delivered CC Manual #8 on using visual aids.


Best Speaker: Larry Cressey
Best Table Topics: n/a
Best Evaluator: Don Elliott

Role substitutions: Kyle Chambers was Wordmaster in place of Connie Richart; Rick Henderson was Ah/Vote Counter in place of Dave Engell; Lisa DesRosiers was Timer in place of Andrew Engell.

Guests: Cyrus Murphy, Suzanne Chambers, Jay Lancaster

Word of the Day:


delay or postpone action; put off doing something.
“it won’t be this price for long, so don’t procrastinate”
synonyms: delay, put off doing something, postpone action, defer action, be dilatory, use delaying tactics, stall, temporize, drag one’s feet/heels, take one’s time, play for time, play a waiting game
“fear of failure often causes people to procrastinate”


Club Reaches Consensus on Meeting Changes


Randall Hansen seved as facilitator for the consensus-building session.

On June 3, 2014, member Randall Hansen led the club in a discussion of proposed meeting changes suggested in March.

This report is organized according to the handout distributed about the proposed changes.

Proposed Enhancements to Evaluation Process

  • Members raised no objections to the idea of having evaluators read brief manual-project Objectives pertaining to the speaker they are evaluating before each prepared speech.
  • While some members favored a new, simpler Individual Evaluation Form for individual 1-minute evaluations of speeches, others preferred the existing half-sheet form we’ve been using or a hybrid of the two forms. Michelle Lancaster volunteered to design a hybrid form for club review. It was also noted that Sergeant-at-Arms or designee needs to be diligent about ensuring forms are always made available for members, and Toastmasters-of-the-Day need to be diligent about providing the minute of silence between speeches for evaluations.

No members present raised objections to any of the following

Proposed Time-Saving and Streamlining Measures

Because reading objectives will add time to meetings, we are looking to save time elsewhere:

  • Role players may want to consider sitting near front of room. Vote Counter (if the practice of voting continues) may want to consider sitting equidistant to both sides of the room so votes don’t need to get passed too far. It is helpful for the Timer to sit in a highly visible central location.
  • Role players who are required to come to the front of the room (Speakers, General Evaluator, Evaluators, Table Topics Master, Wordmaster at beginning of meeting) should be in a “ready” position just before they are called on. Toastmasters, Topics Master, and General Evaluator can sit on the benches (upstairs) while their team members (speakers, evaluators) are presenting. Downstairs, they can sit in the front row.
  • During General Evaluation, role players (Timer, Wordmaster, Ah Counter) give reports from their seats. When we meet downstairs, role players can use their discretion regarding whether to report from front of room.
  • Table Topics Master should strive to always call on members (and willing guests) instead of wasting time waiting for people to volunteer.
  • In providing non-essential commentary, Toastmaster and General Evaluator should be watchful of agenda’s time cues. 

Voting on “Bests”

The concept of retaining, eliminating or changing the practice of voting on Best Speaker, Best Table Topics, and Best Evaluator generated the most discussion.

The overall consensus was that members wanted to retain the current practice of voting in these categories, but Lisa DesRosiers, Michelle Lancaster, and Rick Henderson formed a committee to explore options for possibly enhancing the voting process. These possible enhancements include:

  • Awarding points for each “Best” achieved, and providing an additional incentive (such as a free manual) when a certain number of points is attained.
  • Presenting a speech or discussion in which voting considerations are reviewed. How do people vote? What kinds of things to they take into consideration? Could we have a better voting process if we learned how other members approach voting?
  • Instituting an optional “Toastmaster’s Choice” award in which the Toastmaster of the Day could award an additional award each meeting, such as Most Improved, Most Humorous, Most Enthusiastic. (Does the Toastmaster make the choice or present the award for voting?). The award could tie in with the meeting theme, but as with meeting themes, Toastmasters-of-the-Day would need frequent reinforcement/reminders of the option of an additional award.

It was noted that the club needs to be more intentional about giving the awards, making a bigger deal of them and celebrating the winners.