Club Achievements

Meeting Synopsis: April 12, 2016


Officer pins were a reward for training all 7 officers. From left, President Linda Murphy, VPE Laura Hepler, VPM Adena Sabins, VPPR Lisa DesRosiers, Secretary Kathy Hansen, Sergeant-at-Arms Rick Henderson. Not pictured: Treasurer Randall Hansen.

Theme: n/a


Best Speaker: Kraig Kalisch

Best Table Topics: Margaret Carson

Best Evaluator: Martgaret Carson

Role substitutions: Rick Henderson for Kyle Chambers as evaluator

Guest(s):Lowell Carson

Word of the Day: turmoil

a state of great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty.
“the country was in turmoil”
synonyms: confusion, upheaval, turbulence, tumult, disorder, disturbance, agitation, ferment, unrest, disquiet, trouble, disruption, chaos, mayhem; uncertainty
“political turmoil”
confused, chaotic, in chaos, topsy-turvy, at sixes and sevens;
reeling, disorientated;
informal: all over the place
“Michel’s sudden death left the family in turmoil”

Agenda See Role Substitutions for changes after agenda was set.

Colville Toastmasters at Fall 2015 Division C Contest


Adena Sabins placed 2nd in Humorous Speech and won the Division Table Topics Contest. Area C3 Director Laura Hepler was a functionary at the contest.

5th Anniversary Celebration/Awards Ceremony/Picnic in the Park: Sept. 8, 2015



Colville Toastmasters at Fall 2014 Division C Contest

Congratulations to Jay Lancaster, Jason Hart, and Linda Murphy for their performances at the Div C contest on Oct. 4. Jason is eligible to advance to the District Table Topics Contest, and Linda is the alternate for the District Humorous Speech Contest.

Meeting Synopsis: Sept. 23, 2014: Michelle Lancaster Earns Competent Communicator Award


Theme: Time: It was TIME for Michelle Lancaster to earn her CC!


Best Speaker: Lisa Des Rosiers

Best Table Topics: Tie: Jan Greco and Laura Hepler

Best Evaluator: Linda Murphy

Role substitutions: Kathy Hansen for Jason Hart as Ah-Counter


Cyrus Murphy

Word of the Day: disconcertingWordoftheDay


causing one to feel unsettled.
“he had a disconcerting habit of offering jobs to people he met at dinner parties”

Synonyms: unsettling, unnerving, discomfiting, disturbing, perturbing, troubling, upsetting, worrying, alarming, distracting, off-putting; confusing, bewildering, perplexing


Michelle receives a hug from VPE Jan Greco (who happens to be Michelle's mom) and celebrates earning her CC.

Michelle receives a hug from VPE Jan Greco (who happens to be Michelle’s mom) and celebrates earning her CC.


10 out of 10: We Did It Again!


Colville Toastmasters Achieves Distinguished Status; Three Goals to Go for President’s Distinguished, 10 out of 10

Club_StatusApril2014As of April 16, Colville Toastmasters has attained Distinguished Club status for the 2013-2014 Toastmasters year. The above does not reflect the fact that Roberta Carney finished her CC award on April 15, and Jan Greco completed her Advanced Communicator Gold, which results in 7 goals having been met and thus Select Distinguished status.

To continue our trend of winning President’s Distinguished status, with 10 of 10 goals met, we need to add two new members, attain one more CC award, and attain one more advanced communication award.

Colville Triumphs in Evaluation at Division C Speech Contest!

ColvilleatDivCContest2014Also shown, District 9 Lt. Gov. Education and Training Natalie Palmer and contestant Sam Le.


Lisa DesRosiers Wins Division C Humorous Speech Contest

From a press release …

Having won at the third level of the 2013 Toastmasters Humorous Speech Contest in Spokane, Lisa DesRosiers of Colville Toastmasters will advance to the final level of competition, the district contest, encompassing contestants from Eastern Washington, Northeastern Oregon and the Idaho panhandle, which will be held in Wenatchee on Oct. 19.

DesRosiers’s first-place win was for her speech, “Take the Plunge” about her experience in joining her daughter’s wedding party in parachuting out of a plane on the day of the nuptials. The Humorous Speech Contest begins at the local club level and proceeds through the area, division, and district levels.


Colville Toastmasters Earns President’s Distinguished Status for Second Year

The club achieved 10 out of 10 goals in the 2012-2013 Toastmasters year to earn President’s Distinguished status for the second year.