Meeting Synopsis: April 12, 2016


Officer pins were a reward for training all 7 officers. From left, President Linda Murphy, VPE Laura Hepler, VPM Adena Sabins, VPPR Lisa DesRosiers, Secretary Kathy Hansen, Sergeant-at-Arms Rick Henderson. Not pictured: Treasurer Randall Hansen.

Theme: n/a


Best Speaker: Kraig Kalisch

Best Table Topics: Margaret Carson

Best Evaluator: Martgaret Carson

Role substitutions: Rick Henderson for Kyle Chambers as evaluator

Guest(s):Lowell Carson

Word of the Day: turmoil

a state of great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty.
“the country was in turmoil”
synonyms: confusion, upheaval, turbulence, tumult, disorder, disturbance, agitation, ferment, unrest, disquiet, trouble, disruption, chaos, mayhem; uncertainty
“political turmoil”
confused, chaotic, in chaos, topsy-turvy, at sixes and sevens;
reeling, disorientated;
informal: all over the place
“Michel’s sudden death left the family in turmoil”

Agenda See Role Substitutions for changes after agenda was set.

Adena Sabins Is District Table-Topics Champ!




Colville Toastmasters at Fall 2015 Division C Contest


Adena Sabins placed 2nd in Humorous Speech and won the Division Table Topics Contest. Area C3 Director Laura Hepler was a functionary at the contest.

Meeting Synopsis: Jan. 6, 2015/Jay Lancaster Earns Competent Communicator Award


Theme: n/a


Best Speaker: Jay Lancaster

Best Table Topics: Trace Brookover

Best Evaluator: Randall Hansen

Role substitutions: Randall Hansen for Don Eliot as Evaluator


Cyrus Murphy

Word of the Day:


present, appearing, or found everywhere.
“his ubiquitous influence was felt by all the family”

synonyms: omnipresent, ever-present, everywhere, all over the place, pervasive, universal, worldwide, global; rife, prevalent, far-reaching, inescapable


Agenda (to come)



Colville Toastmasters at Fall 2014 Division C Contest

Congratulations to Jay Lancaster, Jason Hart, and Linda Murphy for their performances at the Div C contest on Oct. 4. Jason is eligible to advance to the District Table Topics Contest, and Linda is the alternate for the District Humorous Speech Contest.

Colville Toastmasters at the Fall 2014 C2/C3Area Contest

Sept. 13, 2014

Sept. 13, 2014

Second-Annual Awards Ceremony! (Meeting Synopsis, June 24, 2014)


Colville Toastmasters’s Second Annual Awards Ceremony featured creative, whimsical awards largely designed by Laura Huddleston, who was also chair of the event and co-Toastmaster with Linda Murphy. Laura Hepler also served on the committee, and Lisa DesRosiers was refreshments coordinator.

Awards were as follows (includes scripted commentary):

Roberta Carney: Buried Treasure Master – We know there is treasure within her; she lets us see it a bit at a time.

Kyle Chambers: Music Master – Among us, he will surely use his talents musically.

Judy Cressey: Master of Parliament – She always ensures fairness through following the rules.

Larry Cressey: Tie Master – He is a very snappy dresser, and his ties are perfectly “knotty.”

Lisa DesRosiers: Contest Queen – If there is a club contest, she will be in it and will dominate with her sparkle.

Don Elliot: Master of Bull – If he sees red, he charges through anyway.

Andrew Engell: Master Gardener – He is cool as a cucumber; nothing bugs him, and he knows green living.

Dave Engell: Master Digger – If you get in too deep, Dave will get you tanked.

Linda Evans: Master Storyteller – She could talk about paint drying, and you’d want to hear more. So warm and spunky.

Jan Greco: Master Evaluator – She can make your stinker sound sweet; yet, she’ll tell you how to improve.

Joe Greco: Master Chef – He can make a guts and grease and pasta casserole taste oh-so-fine.

Kathy Hansen: Toastmaster Meister – There are few who are great in the role, she she is a “master” in Toastmasters, et al

Randall Hansen: Master Facilitator – “Facilitation” is more than comfort and connection; it’s bonding a group together.

Jason Hart: Gesture (with a hard G) Master – He plays fair, shoots straight, takes our teasing, while we educate him.

Rick Henderson: Pledge Master – He leads our Pledge of Allegiance, with all due respect to our flag.

Laura Hepler: Master Teacher – She is like the glue that hold our club together. Sweet and inspiring.

Laura Huddleston: Master of Bouncing – She can’t speak without some giggles and bouncing that will boost your mood and day.

Michelle Lancaster: Master Fermenter – She can make clotting milk taste good, and stinky curds? No whey!

Steve McGee: Most Enthusiastic – When he speaks, everyone listens and is awed by his speaking prowess.

Linda Murphy: Pun Master – She loves to twist words into a new concoction for all to drink in.

Connie Richart: Most Determined – She’s no slacker; she will step up and leave her comfort zone to amaze and impress.

Darla Swander: Distance Master – She proves she will go miles out of her way to improve her speaking skills.

Danielle Chambers: Master Entertainer – She brings the whole show to every speech. A ringmaster of speech presentation.

Suzanne Chambers and Cyrus Murphy: Peanut Gallery.


Meeting Synopsis: June 17, 2014


Larry inherited Randall Hansen’s novelty-tie collection in celebration of earning his CC.

Theme: (unofficial) Larry Cressey earns his Competent Communicator award!

Bests (only Best Evaluator was not a default because of time DQs):

Best Speaker: Kathy Hansen
Best Table Topics: Kyle Chambers
Best Evaluator: Andrew Engell


Role substitutions: Jason Hart was Wordmaster/Grammarian in place of Jan Greco.

Guests: Cyrus Murphy, Suzanne Chambers, Rick’s friend Nonni from Tonasket, and Leah Endquist

Word of the Day:


transform into something more beautiful or elevated.
“the world is made luminous and is transfigured”
Synonyms: transform, transmute, change, alter, metamorphose; transmogrify
“the glow of the sunrise transfigured the whole landscape”

2014-2015 Club-Officer Nominations Presented; Election Is May 6

Jan Greco
Immediate Past President

  Colville Toastmasters

April 22, 2014

Dear Colville Toastmaster,

OfficerElectionsBelow are the Club Officer Nominees for the 2014/15 Toastmasters year. Election is Tuesday, May 6. Role descriptions are below the nominations.

A quorum is needed to conduct business. Proxies or absentee ballots are not allowed at the club level. Members must be active and present to vote.

Nominations will be accepted from the floor at the election. Anyone nominating from the floor must have discussed the nomination with the nominee ahead of time. The nominee must be aware of the prescribed duties and in agreement – no last-second “surprise” nominations.

Each candidate is entitled to a two-minute speech at the election. Each such speech is delivered from the platform and given by the candidate, if present. If the candidate is absent, the candidate’s representative may give the speech.

The balloting for each office takes place immediately following the close of nominations for the office.

After nominations for an office are closed, if only one candidate is running for the office, the president may entertain a motion to dispense with the secret ballot for the uncontested office and to instruct the secretary to cast a single ballot for the candidate.

If there are multiple offices, each with only a single nominee, the president may entertain a motion to dispense with the secret ballot for all the uncontested offices and to instruct the secretary to cast a single ballot for each candidate.

Any candidate receiving a majority of the votes cast is declared elected. In the event no candidate receives a majority of the votes cast for a contested office, voting continues with the use of special ballots and without the name of the candidate receiving the fewest votes. This procedure continues until one of the candidates receives a majority of the votes.

2014/15 Colville Toastmasters Club Officer Nominations

President                                     Laura Hepler

VP Education                                  Jan Greco

VP Membership                      Lisa DesRosiers

VP Public Relations                   Linda Murphy

Treasurer                                 Roberta Carney

Secretary                                   Kathy Hansen

Sergeant at Arms                     Rick Henderson


If you have any questions, please contact me prior to the elections.





Colville Toastmasters

Club Officer Roles and Responsibilities

All officers are elected for one year. Terms of office are July 1st to June 30th for clubs with annual officer terms.

Each of the officers in a Toastmasters club has duties to fulfill in support of the members of the club. Toastmasters clubs have multiple officers both to spread the load and to expand the leadership opportunities at the club level.

Filling an officer role does not mean you do the job alone; it means you are responsible to see that the job gets done.

Collectively, the club’s officers are its Executive team. The seven officers rank as follows, with the highest-ranking officer at a meeting the presiding officer (IPP is a voting member, but not elected):


  1. President
  2. Vice President – Education
  3. Vice President – Membership
  4. Vice President – Public Relations
  5. Secretary
  6. Treasurer
  7. Sergeant At Arms
  • Immediate Past President

Responsibilities expected of all club officers:


  • Attend Club Officer Training twice
  • Attend club executive officer meetings regularly (4:30 PM, last Tuesday of month)
  • Participate in Club Success Plan
  • Attend club meetings regularly so that you get the support you need to better serve your club


The President is the chief executive officer for the club. The role involves general supervision and operation of the club. This office ranks first among the seven.

The President presides at Club meetings, and directs the club in meeting the members’ needs for educational growth and leadership in cooperation with the rest of the officers and establishes long-term and short-term goals for the club. The President serves as one of the Club’s representatives on Area and District Councils and is an ex-officio member of all committees except the club’s nominating committee.

Some specific duties of the President are:


  • Presides over club meetings & executive committee meetings
  • Guides club in carrying out its mission and ensures that all club activities are in accordance with Toastmasters International guidelines
  • Plans and leads Distinguished Club Program/Club Success Plan meeting(s) and issues report
  • Represents Club at Area/District meetings


Vice President Education

The VP Education handles the educational program within the club. The role involves ensuring that all members continue their progress towards their chosen educational goals. This office ranks second among the seven.

The VPE plans, organizes, and implements the meetings to fit the chosen speeches, educational modules, and related events to the members’ needs. When members complete a speech or a major achievement, it is the VPE who initials the manuals or contacts Toastmasters to ensure proper recognition. New members will receive orientation and be assigned a mentor by the VPE. The VPE serves as one of the Club’s representatives on Area and District Councils and chairs the education committee

Some specific duties of the Vice-President – Education are:


  • Plans and publishes club meeting agendas
  • Keeps individual member records
  • Tracks Member Educational Goals
  • Solicits personal achievement goals from each member
  • Administers speech contests

Vice President Membership

The VP Membership handles sustaining and boosting the number of club members. The role involves marketing and some administration. This office ranks third among the seven.

The VPM plans, organizes, and implements a continuous marketing effort to ensure that club membership remains above charter strength (20 members). This is done both by retaining current members, with the VPE, and by gathering new members, with the VPPR. The VPM is responsible for keeping the guest book, membership roster, and attendance records. Serves as one of the Club’s representatives on Area and District Councils and chairs the membership committee.

Some specific duties of the Vice-President – Membership are:


  • Develops program(s) for recruiting new members
  • Assimilates new members.
  • Greets all guests and encourages them to join; completes all Applications for Membership
  • Forwards new member application and dues to the Treasurer to process
  • Presents new members to club (induction)

Vice President Public Relations

The VP Public Relations handles maintaining and building the club’s image. The role involves internal and external communications. This office ranks fourth among the seven.

The VPPR is responsible for developing and directing a publicity program that informs individual members and the general public about Toastmasters International; plans, organizes, and implements programs to maintain the positive image of the club and Toastmasters for all guests, members, and the general public. Common activities overseen include press releases, publicity campaigns, website maintenance, media re presentation, and club newsletters. The VPPR chairs the public relations committee

Some specific duties of the Vice President – Public Relations are:


  • Plans and prepares publicity materials, produces a club newsletter
  • Serve as the club’s expert on Toastmasters branding (“safeguard the brand”)



The Secretary is responsible for Club records and correspondence. The role involves all administrative details between the club and Toastmasters, and keeping the club’s documents available and up-to-date.

The Secretary cares for the club’s records, including by-laws and constitution. Updates membership records; maintains an accurate and complete roster of individual members of this club, including the address and status of each individual member and transmits the same to the successor in office; new member applications, officers’ lists, and past club records fall to the Secretary for execution. The Secretary also records and reads the meeting minutes, for meetings of the club and of the Executive team.

Some specific duties of the Secretary are:


  • Maintains an accurate membership roster, determining active status and quorum
  • Records meeting minutes
  • On-time submission of club officer list  to World Headquarters immediately upon election (by June 1)


The Treasurer is responsible for Club financial policies, procedures and controls. The role involves the club’s finances, including dues collection and materials purchasing. Collects dues and pays dues to Toastmasters International, and maintains records. All club accounts come through this office. Dues notices and collection falls to the Treasurer. Makes financial reports to the Club at least quarterly. Receives and disburses, with approval of the Club, all Club funds.

Some specific duties of the Treasurer are:


  • Prepares and sends invoices for semiannual membership dues
  • Issues timely payment to World Headquarters for semiannual membership dues and new member fees
  • Prepares and mails orders for Toastmasters supplies
  • Keeps complete and accurate records of all financial transactions
  • Prepares quarterly  financial report


Sergeant at Arms

The club sergeant at arms is responsible for club property management, meeting room preparation, and hospitality. This office ranks seventh among the seven.

The SAA arranges setup for all meetings, sets out and cares for the club’s materials and supplies, Club property, including banner, nametags, and supplies, and greets members and especially guests. Chairs the social and reception committees.

Some specific duties of the Sergeant at Arms are:


  • Arranges room and equipment for each meeting
  • Greets all guests and members
  • Maintains all Club equipment and materials

Immediate Past President

The Immediate Past President provides guidance and serves as a resource to Club officers and members. The Immediate Past President chairs the Nominating Committee, assists in the preparation of the Club Success Plan, promotes the Club’s Success Plan, and promotes the Club’s efforts to become a Distinguished Club.

Some specific duties of the Immediate Past President


  • Provide guidance to the new president
  • Act as advisor to club officers
  • Carry out special assignments as needed
  • Attend other Toastmaster events and encourage others to attend also



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