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Executive-Committee Meeting Minutes: Oct. 28 and Nov. 18


Executive Committee Meeting Minutes (July) and General Business-Meeting Minutes (Sept.)

Minutes: May 27, 2014, Executive-Committee Meeting

Colville Toastmasters

Executive Business Meeting Minutes

May 27, 2014


Members Present: (need 4 for quorum)

Roberta Carney, Treasurer X Katharine Hansen, President X Laura Hepler, VP-Education
X Lisa DesRosiers, VP-Membership   Jason Hart, Sergeant-at-Arms X Linda LR Murphy, VP-Public Relations
X Jan Greco, Secretary        


Business meeting was called to order by Kathy Hansen at 4:32 PM.


Motion was made by Linda Murphy and seconded by Lisa DesRosiers to approve the minutes of April 27, 2014 as presented. Majority voted in favor; motion passed.



  • Tentative dates for club officer training (June 14, 5 hours) and district officer training (July 12). Kathy shared that TI has developed new standardized training that provides a richer experience than in the past and much more solid information for individual officers.
  • Possible change in meeting venue. No new information.
  • Reviewed final details for June 3 discussion on meeting format changes.
  • Possible uses for $100 TI gift certificate from last year’s “Beat the Clock” award.
    • Kathy: would like to institutionalize educational awards and provide plastic name badges for members completing their first CC. Will research options.
    • Laura: would like to purchase small items to use for prizes. Will research options.
  • Prospective members to complete DCP goal #8
    • Brian Elliot
    • Danielle Chambers
    • Michele Moffitt
    • CJ Wolfe
  • Plans for July 1 Officer Installation and group photo in preparation for press release.


Executive Officer Reports

  • Sergeant-at-Arms Jason Hart: Absent
  • Treasurer Roberta Carney : Absent
  • Secretary/Immediate Past President Jan Greco: Area C3 has achieved Distinguished Area.
  • VP Public Relations Linda Murphy: Poster distribution going well
  • VP Membership Lisa DesRosiers: Eager to get going on membership projects; Beat the Clock
  • VP Education Laura Hepler: Preparing educational award tracking spreadsheet for incoming VPE
  • President Kathy Hansen: Nothing in addition to discussions above


Next meeting: June 24, 2014, 4:30 PM


Meeting adjourned at 5:15 PM

Minutes for April 2014 Executive-Committee Meeting

Executive-Committee Meeting Minutes. April 29, 2014

You can download minutes here.